Our Sustainability Practices

The Problem

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. The fashion industry has a big problem and we don't want to be a part of it. As the World Resources Institute explains, every year we waste enough clothes to fill Sydney's entire harbor and every second we burn or dump into landfill one garbage truck of clothes. The Institute also reveals that the production of one cotton shirt uses 2700 liters of water.

According to a 2018 report by the Global Fashion Agenda, 'The Pulse of The Fashion Industry', recognizing and working to improve environmental and social issues created by the fashion industry would increase the global economy in 2030 by $192 billion. Furthermore, the fashion industry currently loses $400 billion to prematurely discarded clothing.

Thus, it's clear that implementing sustainable practices within the fashion industry is not just beneficial for the environment but also great for business and the world's economy.


Our Solution

At Concorde Uniforms, we believe wholeheartedly in the importance of sustainability. As a distributor of clothes, we understand the industry that we are a part of and the need for change within it. That's why the uniforms we make are durable and long-lasting, the materials we use are sustainable, the work place practices we are founded on are ethical and the clothes we produce are not prematurely discarded due to poor quality.

We also recognize the current climatic crisis the world now faces. We work directly with schools and local communities which is why we have a first-hand understanding of the importance to protect the health and livelihood of future generations to come. The students that we work with are those that will experience the effects of climate change most severely. That's why we believe changing the practices of the fashion industry must start now and with us.


Be Part Of A Positive Change

By choosing Concorde Uniforms, you can rest assured that you're benefiting both yourself and the planet. Big changes start with small steps. We believe in making those small steps possible by providing sustainable uniforms for all.
With a focus on function, reparability and durability, our uniforms are made to last. There's simply no point in providing items that will wear away within a season or two. That's why our uniform designs are not only comfortable and sleek but also built-to-last.

Rather than looking at sustainability as an issue to tackle, we believe it's an opportunity to embrace. With forward-thinking solutions, an innovative approach and a holistic attitude towards the fashion industry, we are proud of the positive change we're a part of.

So, if you're looking to make a positive difference, whether that be for yourself, your business, or your school, at Concorde Uniforms we allow you to exactly that. Be a part of the collective change to improve your life, the lives of others and the health of the planet.